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The Legal representation includes advising you on all relevant options available and representing you on your appeal to the AIT.

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"My HSMP extension application was refused. You worked very hard with outstanding results. Highly recommended!" A.Mohammed, Ilford
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UK Immigration law is complex and requires specialist legal advice. Peace of mind comes from trust we can do the job to an excellent standard. We are qualified to the highest OISC level (Office of the Immigration Services Commission).

There may be a recent determination which is particularly relevant to your case and should be argued in your appeal. This could make the difference between winning the appeal or not. Using specialist legal representation will give you the peace of mind that your appeal is being taken care of by experts.

If you can provide us with full and accurate information, we can assess your appeal and make sure that all legal representation is based on the specific factors surrounding your case. We write our Terms of Engagement letter to you setting out the costs clearly and what we will do for you including any risks.

If your visa has been refused you should seek professional assistance as soon as possible, to make sure that you fully understand what options are available and whether to make an appeal to the AIT. There are in or out of country deadlines to meet so timing is essential to get right.

We will also get expert witnesses organised on your appeal, specialised country reports, medical reports or obtain information under the Freedom of Information Act if it helps your case.

If you are unable to attend an AIT hearing, we can still represent you. We could make a written paper appeal or you can send a relative or sponsor to attend on your behalf. In any case, the appeal must be completed and court bundles sent to all authorities within set deadlines, making best use of relevant case law and human rights where appropriate.

We will use all our experience to find as many positive ways within the policies, rules and guidelines to manage your case effectively, presenting the facts to best effect.

Please complete our contact form which will allow us to assess your case fully. Alternatively, contact a member of our team on 01793 836010.